About Me

Hey! My name’s Yiorgio. I’m a storyteller, a lover of science, and science communication. My passion for science and science education comes from my own education. My passion for storytelling comes from my imaginative mind, love of reading, writing, D&D, and the like.

Science should not be its own barrier. Though, I understand that when you begin learning something new, it’s difficult. Our emotions play a big role in turning those early stages of confusion and pain into engagement and inquisitiveness. Let’s call it inspiration. It’s fuel to help us break through.

What I see and what I feel is that science education is not handled well, from the grassroots level onward. I plan to fix that, in whatever small way, by providing you with a better pathway of learning, one that’s more relaxed, concise, and story-like. My hope is that with effective communication tailored toward The Layman we can all learn in a more inspiring way. No, I don’t expect to teach you every nugget of information as perfectly as can be, but instead to ignite you during those first steps so that you may carry that further on your own. Indeed, you are The Layman, as am I. It’s not a title, but instead a more useful and universal tone of voice. Use it, learn with it.

fear not, Layman, we’re in this together